vineri, 24 iunie 2016

Great experience when I rented a car with driver

Last year it happened to travel a lot in the Eastern Europe (you probably noticed that I had a lot of nice stories that were related to my travels in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and other nice places from the wild east). Now… you also know that I have told you really a whole lot of stories about Stefan, the guy that has been my private driver during those days, a guy that I am really missing.

And in fact, to be completely honest I have to say that I am missing a lot the  fact that those guys from my current location do not provide cars with drivers at affordable pricing, and I really have a lot of things that I should take care – so the period when I got my own chauffer with that gorgeous Mercedes car was one of the best business travel experience. I can say that luxury car rental service is the one of the best services offered in Bucharest.

Now… I also have to say that the car was really great, imagine a black cab, a Mercedes car made specially for important people, for VIPs, for people with a lot of money of for people that really need a great image while doing business – and I happened last year to be one of the former.
When I first encountered this kind of service I thaught that it was something absolutely exaggerated, but after trying it I am really sure that it helps to have a lot of personell at your dsposal, even valets or personal assistants that would help you organize yourself.

So yes – to rent a car with driver is a marvel of today life style, with a bit of great service, a bit technology and a whole lot of test regarding the car that is going to drive you to your destination – and not least, the way you are going to get to your destination.

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